UOB eAlerts!


Managing your company’s finances is now easier with UOB eAlerts! Each business day, no matter where you are, you can receive the following alerts via SMS and/or email on your Singapore dollar (SGD) and foreign currency accounts with UOB:


To apply for UOB eAlerts!, you require a corporate Current Account in any currency offered by UOB Group in Singapore and a Singapore-registered mobile number. You need to have approved trade credit facility with UOB to apply for Trade alerts service.

Apply Now

Please download the following application form to apply:

If applicable*, please submit the application form along with the following resolution:

* The Accounts & Services Resolution is required for corporations/limited liability partnerships/
partnerships/societies/associations/clubs/management corporations that have not executed the Accounts & Services Resolution previously.

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Terms and Conditions for UOB eAlerts! Service

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