Pay with UOB Mighty

Digitise your UOB Debit and Credit Cards to pay with a tap at over 10,000 Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass terminals in Singapore.


How to digitise your UOB Debit or Credit Card?

Step 1:
Add your debit or credit card by signing in to UOB Personal Internet Banking or manually keying in your card details.
Step 2:
Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.
Step 3:
Set your wallet pin.
Step 4:
Key in your SMS One-Time Password and your card is successfully added!

How do I pay with UOB Mighty?

Step 1:
Select the card and tap on "Make a payment".
Step 2:
Unlock using your wallet pin.
Step 3:
After unlocking, place phone over the contactless payment terminal.
Step 4:
Payment sent! Please check the payment terminal to ensure that the transaction has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a $100 transaction limit on contactless payment via UOB Mighty?
    No, the transaction limit of S$100 for contactless payment does not apply to payments made through UOB Mighty.
  • Do I still earn UNI$ or SMART$ when I pay with UOB Mighty?
    Yes, you can continue to earn UNI$ and SMART$ and you can see it being reflected the next day.
  • Can I pay with UOB Mighty for Instant Redemption using USING UNI$ or SMART$?
    No, you cannot. UOB has not made this service available for the digitised cards. This will be available later.
  • Why is my receipt showing a different last 4 digits compared to my card numbers?
    UOB protects your card details by having a separate 16-digit number for your digitised card. The receipt shows the last 4 digit of the digitised card. This does not affect you as UOB will be able to map this 16 digit number back to the actual card number for billing.
  • I cannot digitise my card, what should I do?
    Please pay with your physical card first and contact UOB call centre at 1800 222 2121 for further assistance on digitisation.
  • My payment failed but why do I see the transaction in my transaction history?
    Transaction has not been processed. Transaction history for Pay with UOB Mighty stores all your payment interactions so your failed transaction is listed there.