Mobile Cash

UOB Mobile Cash is an innovative way to transfer money securely via any mobile number. The received money can be withdrawn from any UOB ATM (without an ATM card ), credited into a UOB account, or used to top up a NETS FlashPay or NETS CashCard.

Here's a quick look at how you can begin using Mobile Cash.


Before sending an instruction, you'll first need to pre-register recipients through PIB so they'll be listed on your app. Here's how.

Step 1

Login to your PIB 2FA and select "Mobile Cash".

Step 2

Enter the payee's details as follows, then click submit.

• Recipient's NRIC/FIN/Passport No.
• Full Name
• Recipient's Initials
• Singapore Registered Mobile No.
• Relationship to You

Step 3

Confirm and authorise the addition by entering your 2FA authentication password.

Step 4

You have now successfully added a recipient.

Register your friends and loved ones for
Mobile Cash via Internet Banking today!

Apply for a PIB login via an UOB ATM with your ATM / Debit or Credit Card, or visit any bank branch. To be eligible, you must first be a current UOB customer. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and login with your PIB login credential. Users already holding PIB access can use their login details to sign in.

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