Favourite Payees: A Smarter Way to Transact


Save your favourite transactions, like bill payments, funds transfer or mobile cash, so you can perform them in fewer steps.

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Send Mobile Cash

Here’s how:

Personal Internet Banking

1. After performing a transaction, click or select “Add to Favourite Payees”. You can add up to 10 transactions for each transaction type.

2. With just a click, view your Favourite Payees transactions at a glance.

3. Edit the amount or add a comment. Submit multiple transactions^ (up to 10) under the same transaction types.

^Refer to bill payment and funds transfer only.

Mobile Banking

1. After performing a transaction, save it by tapping on “Add to Favourites”

2. The next time you need to perform the saved transaction, simply select Pay or Transfer > Favourite Payees from the menu.

3. Select the payee or billing organisation you wish to pay to.

4. Edit the amount if necessary and tap “Next”.

5. Enter comments (optional) and tap Next.

6. Tap on “Confirm” to complete the transaction.