Safe Travel Tips

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A good trip is a safe one. Some simple items to take note of for hotel moments and lone women travellers are listed below.


Women Travelling Alone

  • Avoid becoming a prime target for thieves. Leave your expensive and fanciful jewellery or valuables at home. When travelling alone, you want to remain as inconspicuous as possible
  • For your luggage, bring only as much as you can carry comfortably. Having a luggage on wheels helps
  • Be vigilant at airport check-ins and at train and bus stations. Always keep your luggage in front of you where you can see it at all times
  • If you are carrying a laptop, send it through x-ray security check only when the person before you has cleared the checks and you are ready to go through the checks yourself
  • The ideal travel handbag has an inner zippered compartment and is only big enough to carry a bit of money with few essentials. It should have a long shoulder strap that is thick and not easily cut off. Wear the strap across your body with the purse against the front of your stomach. Keep a hand on your bag at all times
  • It is a good idea to put on a money belt where you stash your extra cash, credit cards etc under your clothes. If someone tries to mug you, you could avoid harm by giving up your purse immediately
  • Regardless whether you are married, consider wearing a wedding band. It sends a message that you do not want to be bothered

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