Pre-Trip Guide

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It always helps to be well-prepared. To help ensure you have a great trip, we’ve compiled some useful information below:

Health Preparations

  • Consult your doctor 4-6 weeks prior to departure to determine if you need any vaccinations, anti-malaria medication and/or any other medical items during your trip
  • Bring along your doctor’s prescription or letter detailing your allergies and/or medical condition if you are on medication. If you are on medication, do ensure adequate supply as it may not be available at destination. Certain categories of prescriptive medicine may require your doctor’s certification confirming that they are for your personal use. Do check with the respective Embassy whether your medication is legal in the country you are visiting

Carry-on (Cabin) Bag

  • Check with your airline any limits it has on the size, weight or number of carry-on bags allowed
  • If you are carrying valuables, such as jewellery and cameras, do pack it in your carry-on bags
  • You may carry with you a 1-litre size clear plastic, zip-top bag holding 100ml-or-less containers of liquids for items such as toiletries. However, as these may be changed from time to time, please check with your travel agent for the latest update prior to your travel
  • Make copies of your passport and place them in your carry-on and check-in bags. In case you lose your passport, it makes it easier for you to get a replacement from your Embassy at your destination
  • Do NOT pack scissors, razors or anything that could be considered a weapon in your carry-on bag

Checked Baggage

  • Check with your airline any limits it has on the size, weight or number of checked baggage allowed
  • Avoid using expensive designer luggage if your journey entails you to travel frequently from one place to another. Such luggage draws unwelcome attention to your belongings and makes you more vulnerable to being robbed or pick pocketed
  • Do NOT over pack your check-in luggage as this puts pressure on the latches and make it easier to spring open
  • Do have your contact details such as name, home address, contact number written and tagged on the outside of your baggage

Travel Insurance

  • In the excitement of preparing for your well-deserved vacation, travel insurance may almost be the last thing that crosses your mind. However, regardless of how well we plan our trips, we can never pre-empt any unforeseen circumstances. While we can’t eliminate risks, travel insurance can minimise and protect you against financial losses due to unforeseen events
  • Most travel insurance would cover:
    • Financial loss due to flight delays or misconnection
    • Emergency repatriation due to health reasons
    • Travel inconveniences due to loss or delay of checked-in baggage
    • Travel inconveniences due to loss of travel documents
    • Financial loss due to hospitalization and medical care in case of illness or accident
  • You may call UOI at 6222 7737 during the following business hours (excluding Public Holidays) to activate Insure & Travel:
    • Monday - Thursday: 8.45am to 5.45pm
    • Friday: 8.45am to 4.45pm

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Important Notice and Disclaimers

The above is provided for general information only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided in the policy contract and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by United Overseas Insurance Limited. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether this product is suitable for you.

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