UOB-SRS Account

You'll Love

  • Reduced taxable income dollar for dollar
  • Flexibility to withdraw at any time
  • Wide range of investment opportunities

You'll Need

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To be not an undischarged bankrupt


Tax relief

You'll enjoy tax relief the following year for your SRS contributions each year. Only 50% of the withdrawal will be subject to income tax upon retirement, so you can get greater tax savings when you choose to spread your withdrawals over 10 years.
Wide range of investment opportunities

Invest in a wide range of products, including fixed deposits, unit trusts, life insurance, shares and many more. Your investment returns are tax-free.
  • Consolidated monthly statements

    Receive a complete record of your monthly transactions and investment portfolio with updated valuations and cash balance.
  • Earn daily interest

    Enjoy daily interest on the uninvested cash balance in your UOB-SRS Account.
  • Option to withdraw

    You can withdraw from your UOB-SRS account at any time, subjected to a 5% penalty if the amount is withdrawn before age 62 i.e. for premature withdrawal (before retirement). 100% of the amount withdrawn, together with 100% of the withdrawal, will be taxable.

    If the amount withdrawn is on or after age 62, i.e. retirement withdrawal, only 50% of the amount withdrawn is taxable.

Note: A withholding tax is imposed on all withdrawals made by foreigners and Singapore Permanent Residents. The amount of tax withheld corresponds to the year’s prevailing withholding tax rate.

How It Works

Enjoy tax savings when you deposit into the UOB-Supplementary Retirement Scheme Account. Every dollar you deposit is eligible for tax relief and can be used for investment to further grow your retirement funds.

Your Annual Income S$
Your Personal Tax Relief S$
The amount you want to contribute to SRS S$

Contribution cap

Singaporeans / Permanent Residents Foreigners
Maximum SRS contribution cap (per year) S$15,300 S$35,700

Note: The SRS contribution rate is 15% for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, and 35% for foreigners.
*From Year of Assessment (YA) 2018, the total amount of personal income tax reliefs for each individual is subject to an
overall relief cap of S$80,000 per YA.

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