Unit Trusts

You’ll love

  • A diverse investment portfolio with various options
  • Access to markets which may be difficult to enter directly
  • Start as low as S$1,000^

You’ll need

  • To be at least 21 years
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Check out our suite of Unit Trusts

Professionally managed by various fund managers, we have just the fund designed to meet your specific investment needs.

Choose from one of the categories below to view the wide range of unit trusts we offer, either by geographical region or asset class.


UOB Income Builder


A new solution that takes a risk-first approach, so as to deliver stable returns and provide regular income amid market ups and downs.


Funds that invest globally across a full spectrum of geographical regions and / or asset classes.


Ride on to the growth of Asia with these funds.

United States

Invest and be part of the world's largest market.


Maximise your investment returns with these equity funds.

Fixed Income

Alternative investment option into Government and Corporate debt.


Funds that offer regular income where you can choose to reinvest or cash out dividends.

*Subject to customer passing the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) on UOB Personal Internet Banking.

^For selected funds only. Terms and conditons apply.