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Get up to 6x your salary

Get up to 6x your salary

Get cash of up to 6x your month salary or S$200,000¹ for your investments, holiday, renovation, education or dream wedding!

Low interest rate of 6%² per annum

Low interest rate of 1.65%2 per month

Enjoy lower interest rate as compared to credit cards.

Easy access to cash

Easy access to cash

Get extra cash, when and where you need it, plus get 1.5% cash rebate with UOB CashPlus Visa Card.

2 repayment options

2 repayment options

Flexible repayment³ - As low as 2.5% of the outstanding amount or S$30 per month
Fixed repayment - A long term loan of up to 60 affordable monthly instalments

Easy access to cash

24/7 access via Internet Banking

24/7 access via Internet Banking

Transfer funds or make payments online.

All UOB Branches islandwide

All UOB Branches islandwide

Access cash from over 40 UOB Branches in Singapore.

Complimentary chequebook

Complimentary chequebook

Your first chequebook is free.

1,200^5 ATMs islandwide

1,2005 ATMs islandwide

Withdraw cash instantly from ATMs in Singapore.

UOB CashPlus Visa Card

UOB CashPlus Visa Card
  • 1.5% cash rebate6 on all online and retail purchases
  • Up to 10% SMART$ rebate at over 400 participating outlets islandwide
  • Exclusive UOB Cards shopping and dining privileges
  • Withdraw cash via Visa ATMs worldwide

Don’t have a UOB CashPlus Visa Card? Download a form here.


  • To be a Singaporean or PR
  • To be 21 years and above
  • An annual income of at least S$30,000

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Via Online Form

Same day approval

Same day approval

Same day approvalComplete the online application form and upload the required documents to us before 1pm on a business day.

You will receive a SMS notification to inform you of the approval of your UOB CashPlus facility. You can start using your facility on the following day via UOB Personal Internet Banking or at any UOB Branch. Your UOB CashPlus Visa Card and chequebook will be mailed to you separately.

Via Branches

Via branch

Get cash in 1 hour

  • Complete UOB CashPlus application form found at UOB Branches
  • Submit form and required documents directly to Bank Tellers
  • Within 1 hour, you will receive SMS notification to inform you of the status of your application
  • You can start using the UOB CashPlus facility upon receipt of UOB CashPlus Visa Card or chequebook
  • Valid on Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 1pm (excluding Public Holidays)
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UOB CashPlus Credit Limit Review

To enjoy greater financial freedom, simply complete the UOB CashPlus Credit Limit Review Application Form, and furnish us the completed form together with supporting documents.

Find out more

CreditSure Plus

A credit life insurance protection plan under a group term protection scheme designed to pay off the outstanding balances on you UOB CashPlus account, should misfortune happen.

Find out more


Please be informed of the revision to fees and charges on UOB CashPlus Visa Card with effect from 14 July 2017:

Fee Type Revision
Foreign Currency Transaction Administrative Fee From 2.5% on the amount converted to 2.8% on the amount converted


1Credit limit is subject to approval. Get up to 6x your monthly salary or S$200,000, whichever is lower, if you earn above S$10,000 a month. Or up to 4X your monthly salary if you earn between S$2,500 to S$10,000 a month.

2General information on UOB CashPlus

3Flexible repayment via UOB Funds transfer

4Fixed repayment via UOB Personal loan

5Includes OCBC ATMs under the same shared ATM network

6Terms and Conditions Governing UOB CashPlus Visa Card Cash Rebate

Terms and Conditions Governing UOB CashPlus

Q1. How can I apply for UOB CashPlus?

You can apply for UOB CashPlus in any of the following ways:

  • Complete an application form online here
  • Visit any UOB Group Branch
  • Call us 24-hour, toll-free at 1800 222 2121

Q2. What are the requirements?

You must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of age 21 years and above with minimum income of S$30,000 p.a.

Q3. What are the documents required?

For salaried employees:

  • A photocopy of your NRIC (front and back); and
  • Latest computerised payslip; or
  • Last six months' CPF Statements* (printout must indicate your name and NRIC, and the name of the company making the contributions; or
  • Latest two years' Income Tax Notice of Assessment^

For self employed applicants:

  • A photocopy of your NRIC (front and back); and
  • Latest two years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment^

^You can now print your Notices of Assessment at myTax Portal with your SingPass or IRAS PIN. This service is free. Log on to for more details.

*You may submit your CPF Statements via (you will need your SingPass to gain access)

Q4. How much credit will be granted?

A credit line of up to S$200,000 cash or 4 times your monthly income, whichever is lower, will be granted upon approval of application.

Q5. How do I access my credit line?

Simply access cash via UOB Personal Internet banking, UOB branches, ATMs, UOB CashPlus chequebook, or UOB CashPlus Visa Card.

Credit balances in your UOB CashPlus account will be drawn down first before your credit line is utilised. And upon payment to your UOB CashPlus account, your credit line will be reinstated.

Q6. How do I keep track of my usage?

Your UOB CashPlus monthly statement of account will be generated every month to reflect all transactions or charges for that month. You may also login to UOB Personal Internet Banking at for a record of your latest transactions and balance.

Q7. How may I obtain a permanent increase in my credit limit?

Click here for details.

Q8. How does the UOB ATM Card or UOB CashPlus Visa Card work?

Your UOB ATM Card / UOB CashPlus Visa Card is linked to your UOB CashPlus account. You can withdraw cash at local ATMs and at over 877,000 ATMs worldwide.

Q9. How much cash can I withdraw at the ATMs?

In Singapore, the daily withdrawal limit at the ATM is S$3,000. Outside Singapore, the daily limit is the same in local currency or the withdrawal limit of the ATM used, whichever is lower.

Q10. Are there any charges for cash withdrawal using my UOB ATM Card or UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Cash withdrawal is absolutely free at all local UOB ATMs. For locally shared ATMs, the first two transactions of the month are free. Subsequent withdrawals are charged at S$0.30 each.

Cash withdrawals from UOB ATMs in Malaysia carry a service charge of S$2, while withdrawals from ATMs on the VISA Global ATM Network carry a nominal charge of S$5 per transaction.

Q11. What should I do if I lose my UOB ATM Card or UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

You should call our UOB Call Centre immediately 24-hour, toll-free at 1800 222 2121. We will cancel your lost card, and issue you a new one. However, a S$20 replacement fee applies.

Q12. Are there charges for issuing UOB CashPlus cheques?

No, as long as the amount issued is within your available credit limit.

There is a handling fee of S$40 for every returned cheque, and S$30 for each stop cheque payment instruction.

For total peace of mind, you may check your current available balance simply by accessing your UOB CashPlus account via UOB Personal Internet Banking or phone banking.

Q13. What happens if I run low on cheques?

UOB will automatically mail you a new UOB CashPlus cheque book when you have 10 cheques remaining in your cheque book. If you would like to request for a new cheque book, just visit your nearest UOB Group Branch. You may also use our phone banking service to request for one.

Q14. What if I lose my UOB CashPlus cheque book?

You should call our 24-hour UOB Call Centre at 1800 222 2121 immediately to place a stop payment on your cheque(s) so as to prevent fraudulent use, and arrange for an immediate replacement of your cheque book. Please note that a service charge of S$30 will be levied.

Q15. How is the UOB CashPlus interest calculated?

Interest is calculated daily by multiplying the daily outstanding balance by the annual rate that is divided by 365 days. The total interest will be reflected in your monthly Statement of Account.

Interest will continue to incur until repayment of the full amount into the UOB CashPlus account. Kindly note a minimum interest charge of S$5 per month applies.

Q16. How much do I have to pay monthly?

You may choose to service only the minimum amount payable stated in your monthly Statement of Account. The minimum sum payable is calculated based on the following table:

Outstanding Amount Minimum Sum Payable
Less than S$30 No payment required
S$30 - S$1,200 S$30
More than S$1,200 2.5% of outstanding amount plus excess if applicable

Kindly make your payment in Singapore dollars.

If you wish to check the exact outstanding amount payable, you may call us at 24-hour, toll-free at 1800 222 2121. Our friendly customer service officers will be happy to assist you.

Q17. How do I make my payment?

  • Cheque Payment - Cheques should be crossed and made payable to your own name (in accordance with your CashPlus Account). Please indicate your CashPlus Account number and the payment amount on the reverse side of your cheque and Payment Advice. You can download and print your own business reply envelope at
  • Cash - Cash payment is accepted at any of our local branches or Cash Deposit Machines. Please allow at least one working day for your CashPlus Account to be credited when cash payment is made.
  • Funds Transfer to UOB CashPlus account performed after 10pm or on a Sunday and public holidays will be reflected as the next business day’s transaction in your account statement.
  • UOB Phone Banking/Internet Banking/UOB ATM - Payment may be made by UOB Phone Banking service at 1800 22 22 121 (24-hour) or Internet Banking at with a UOB Savings/Current account or at any UOB ATMs islandwide.

Q18. Do credit balances in my UOB CashPlus Account earn me daily interest?

No interest is payable on credit balances in the UOB CashPlus account.

Q19. How does UOB phone banking service meet my needs?

With our 24-hour phone banking service, you may perform a variety of banking transactions such as:

  • Check on your account balance
  • Transfer funds between your linked UOB accounts and 3rd party UOB accounts
  • Request for a Statement Of Account
  • Enquire on your cheque status
  • Request for a new cheque book
  • Stop payment on your cheque
  • Enquire about your account transactions
  • Change your phone banking Access Code and PIN
  • Find out about the latest promotions on UOB products and services
  • Request fax-on-demand on UOB products and services.

Alternatively, you may like to speak to our friendly customer service officer for assistance.

Q20. How do I access my UOB CashPlus account via the Internet?

  • Log on to with your UOB Personal Internet Banking Username and Password. You may carry out the following transactions:
  • View your latest transactions and balance
  • Make immediate and scheduled funds transfers of up to two years, to your UOB accounts, third-party accounts or other bank accounts
  • Make immediate and scheduled bill payments of up to two years, to over 80 billing organisations (SingTel, M1, StarHub, SP Services, Town Councils, country clubs, etc)
  • Enquire about your cheque payments
  • Stop cheque payment…… and many more

Q1. What is a UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

UOB CashPlus Visa card is a new add-on usage mode for our customers to make payment for things in shops or online. You can also use it to withdraw cash at over 877,000 ATMs worldwide.

Q2. What benefits will I enjoy with this UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

You will earn 1.5% cash rebate on all everyday purchases with the UOB CashPlus Visa Card and the maximum cash rebate is capped at S$50 per month.

There is no minimum spend amount required before you can qualify for the cash rebate. Any cash rebate earned in your current month's statement will be automatically credited to your following month's statement.

Plus, you are entitled to enjoy UOB Cards offers at over 1,000 merchants when you pay with the UOB CashPlus Visa Card.

Q3. I currently hold a UOB CashPlus account, how do I apply for the UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Please call our 24-hour, toll-free hotline at 1800 2222 2121 to request for a UOB CashPlus Visa Card or download a form here

Q4. What are the requirements for a UOB CashPlus customer to get a UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

You must have a UOB CashPlus account; annual income of at least S$30,000 and above and age 21 and above.

More information available at this link:

Q5. When and who will be issued the new UOB Visa Card?

For new UOB CashPlus accounts approved from 15 November 2015, all customers with annual income S$30,000 and above will be issued a UOB CashPlus Visa Card.

For customers with annual income less than S$30,000, they will be issued with an ATM card.

For application, please visit

Q6. How do I calculate the cash rebate amount awarded to me?

Cash rebate will only be awarded for Point-of-sales (POS) and online transactions made on your UOB CashPlus Visa Card (capped at S$50 per month*, credited to your account in the following month).

See illustration below:

Description Amount Used Cash Rebate 1.5%
(Capped at S$50 per month)
Giant Online S$200 S$3.00
Cash Withdrawal S$300 -
Cheque S$1000 -
Robinson S$300 S$4.50
Shell S$150 S$2.25
Total Cash Rebate Credited   S$9.75

Description Amount Used Cash Rebate 1.5%
(Capped at S$50 per month)
Giant Online S$200 S$3.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal S$300 -
Cheque S$1000 -
Robinson S$380 S$5.70
Shell S$150 -
NTUC S$280 S$4.20
Best Denki S$1,500 S$22.50
Watson S$80 S$1.20
Online Fund Transfer S$2,000 - S$1,850 S$27.75
Total Cash Rebate   S$64.35
Total Cash Rebate Credited   S$50.00*

Q7. How much can I charge to my UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

You can charge up to the available credit limit on your UOB CashPlus account. The same limit will be applicable for your POS transactions, ATM withdrawals, cheque usage, online fund transfers and bill payments.

Q8. Do I earn the SMART$ on UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Yes. UOB CashPlus Visa Card allows you to earn SMART$ Rebate at SMART$ participating merchants. SMART$ can be used to redeem at any SMART$ merchants in subsequent transactions, for the total price of the UOB CashPlus Visa Card transactions on shopping, dining and entertainment.

Q9. Will I earn both SMART$ and 1.5% cash rebate?

No, cash rebate will not be awarded on transactions at SMART$ merchants where SMART$ are issued.

Q10. Will there be interests charged to my retail purchases with UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Yes. As long as there’s an outstanding balance on your UOB CashPlus account, the same prevailing interest rate (19.8%) is applicable and interests will be calculated on daily basis, based on the outstanding principle amount at the end of each day. A minimum interest charge of S$5 per month will apply if there’s any outstanding debit balance within the month.

Q11. Can I use my UOB CashPlus Visa Card for overseas transactions?

Yes, you must first activate the overseas usage feature on your UOB CashPlus Visa card to enjoy the point-of-sale (POS) functionality overseas. To activate/de-activate please visit

Q12. Is there a limit to the amount that can be charged to my UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Yes, there is a daily spending limit of S$2,000 on your UOB CashPlus Visa Card.

Q13. Can I increase my Visa daily limit for UOB CashPlus Visa Card?

Yes, the Visa daily limit can be adjusted with your consent via an application form.