What is the Young Professionals Solution?
The YP Solution is a combination of products designed to work together to help you kickstart your journey of investing and growing wealth — all while you continue to enjoy life the way you want.
The Solution consists of:
  1. The new and innovative Sweep feature
    Sweep makes investing effortless by automatically investing your earned interests from your UOB One Account and rebate from your UOB YOLO into a Unit Trust — United SGD Fund.
    • NO upfront cash — Your earned account interests and card rebate will be invested in Unit Trust, without you having to fork out additional cash for a minimum initial investment amount.
    • NO sales charge — Online sales charge of 2% will be waived for you.
    • NO hassle — Your investment is done automatically, as you go about enjoying your life.
    The Sweep feature is optional and you must be the sole account holder of your UOB One Account to be eligible to enrol. UOB One Account that have joint account holders are NOT eligible for Sweep. If you choose not to enrol for Sweep, you will receive your earned interests in your UOB One Account and rebate in your UOB YOLO.
  2. UOB One Account
    The One Account is a chequing account that gives you an interest rate of up to 3.33% p.a. as long as you:
    • Spend S$500 on your UOB YOLO every month AND
    • Credit your salary (min S$2,000 monthly) or pay 3 bills via GIRO monthly

    More about the UOB One Account ›
  3. UOB YOLO credit card
    Earn 8% rebate on weekend dining and entertainment and 3% rebate on online and mobile payments as long as you spend a minimum of S$600 in a statement month.

    More about UOB YOLO ›
What happens after I enrol for Sweep?
After you have enrolled for Sweep, the bank will open a YP Sweep Account for you. This account holds your earned account interests and card rebate for the purpose of investing in Unit Trust.

This account does not earn interests or allow any credits and debits (other than those that are initiated by the bank). You can view your YP Sweep Account either on UOB Personal Internet Banking or the eStatement that you will receive.

Within the first week of every month, the balances in your YP Sweep Account will automatically be invested in Unit Trust. Investments will only be made when your accumulated interests and rebate exceed S$10. Until then, they will just continue to accumulate.
What is the difference between investing in Unit Trust directly and in the Young Professionals Solution?
The Sweep features allows you to invest in Unit Trust without the conditions that come with regular investments, such as the minimum initial investment amount of S$1,000 and sales charge of 2% for online Unit Trust purchase.
I already have the UOB One Account or UOB YOLO or both. Can I enrol for Sweep?
Yes you can! Here's how:
  1. If you have either the UOB One Account or UOB YOLO, complete and submit the online form here ›

    Note: You will receive the UOB One Account and/or UOB YOLO, depending on which product you do not have (subjected to approval). If you already have an existing UOB One Account, we will invest your earned interests from your existing UOB One Account in Unit Trust.
  2. If you have both the UOB One Account and UOB YOLO, you can enrol for Sweep through UOB Personal Internet Banking.
I have previously signed up for Sweep but would like to disenrol from Sweep. How do I do this?
You may disenrol through UOB Personal Internet Banking.
Who can apply for the Young Professionals Solution?
Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents can apply for the full solution through the online form or go to any UOB branch to apply for the UOB One Account and UOB YOLO.

Foreigners with employment or special pass can go to any UOB branch to apply for the UOB One Account and UOB YOLO.

Sweep enrolment can only be done online. Do note that U.S. Person or Resident in Canada are not eligible to enrol for Sweep.
How can I see the price of each unit of Unit Trust purchased?
The price of each unit of Unit Trust is known as the Net Asset Value (NAV). You can check the NAV of Unit Trust here. Alternatively, if you have access to UOB Personal Internet Banking, the NAV of Unit Trust can be found at InvestmentUnit Trusts and selecting UNITED SGD FUND CLASS A DIST (SGD) in the Fund Name.

Please note that Unit Trusts are based on forward pricing.

In addition, the NAV at point of purchase will be indicated in the confirmation notice that will be sent to you at the middle of each month, after a Sweep has taken place.
Are there any other charges relating to Unit Trust that I should know about?
Annual Management Fee is an annual fee charged by the fund manager for the management of the Unit Trust.

Trailer Fee is a percentage of the annual management fee that is earned by the bank.

However, the above 2 fees have already been taken into consideration in the NAV of the Unit Trust at the point of purchase. You will not need to fork out additional money for these 2 fees.
How do I monitor the performance of the Unit Trust that I bought?
You will receive annual reports from the Fund House that shows the performance of your Unit Trust.
How can I sell the Unit Trust that I have bought?
You can sell your Unit Trust in UOB Personal Internet Banking. Under InvestmentUnit Trusts, you will see your current Unit Trust holdings. Simply select the Redeem option to sell.