Our values define us

Every generation is born into the world anew. All the pitfalls, all the opportunities, all the choices, have to be faced again. Knowing what decisions to take, depends on how we were taught. We don’t start out knowing right from wrong, but in the end, it’s what defines us.

Investing in the most advanced tech.

Values are the bridge
between generations

Time changes everything
except our values

The world's strongest currency

Markets fluctuate.
Values don't

Trending for generations

Right by you
for 80 years & beyond

After 80 years of growth, we have learnt that markets do fluctuate, but values don’t. We have stood by you, our customers and colleagues, through good and challenging times. We believe that trust is the world’s strongest currency and it is the foundation of lasting relationships. Our continued promise is to always be, and always do, right by you.

From humble beginnings

Our beginnings were humble, our ambitions a little less so. We have always aimed at a market leading position. Our history spans 8 decades of growth from a single office in 1935 colonial Singapore to over 500 branches and offices today. And though we continue to grow locally, regionally and globally, our values remain the same.